1920s Charleston

What is a 1920s Charleston Hens Night?

Looking for a Hens Night with a difference? A Sugar Blue Hens Night is a memorable fun night in! Get ritzy with one of our friendly flappers, who will come to your house to give your guests a taste of the roaring 20’s!

Hen’s night packages are between 1.5 – 2 hours long, so the session can be part of a fun night in or before you head out for a night on the town.

What is included?

The Bride will firstly be transformed into a glamourous flapper, with her hair and make-up being styled by one of our 20’s obsessed hens night hostesses!

Your hostess will then get the party started with a fun game, with a prize to be won. All your guests will get their own mad-capped flapper name for the night, and then join the bride-to-be in learning some authentic charleston moves.

Next, everyone will join in the fun with your hostess (who is a vintage dance specialist). She will put your guests into groups and they will learn a 20’s showgirl chorus line routine.

But now for the highlight of the night! Get ready for the charleston battle! Everyone will get involved and have a laugh. All the dancing which is taught is easy to learn and you dont need an dance background at all!

The bride-to-be will receive a special Sugar Blue Burlesque gift to help get her ready for a roaring night out on the town!

When you book your hens night, you’ll also receive our Retro Party Guide, full of ideas and hints for glamorous retro decorations, food, drinks, costumes, music and other fun activities you might like to include in your hens night party.

Optional Extras

  1. A performance by your hostess. You can enjoy a Charleston dance or request a more specific act by one of the Sugar Blue artistes.
  2. Add a Sugar Blue Burlesque Instructional Charleston Dvd in the Brides Gift Pack.

What are the costs?

The cost of the Hens Night Package depends on the number of guests. Packages start from just $385 including GST, for a Hens Night in the Perth metropolitan area, and with no more than 20 guests. That’s just $19.25 per head, for a Hens Night with 20 guests!

Number of
Package Price
(incl. GST)
Cost Per Head
Up to 20 $385.00 From $19.25
21-25 $440.00 From $17.60
26-30 $495.00 From $16.50
31-40 $550.00 From $13.75

An extra fuel charge may apply for Hens Nights not in the central or inner suburban area.

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